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IWMP - 05SD Fisher-Mantagao River


The Fisher River (05SD) IWMP was initiated in March of 2009 and a final version of the plan is available HERE.

The IWMP Process:
  • March 2009 - The EIWD signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Province of Manitoba to be the designated Water Planning Authority
    • Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship provided a $25,000 grant to assist with plan development.
    • Additional in-kind funding was provided by other stakeholders and all levels of government.
  • Fall 2011 - The EIWD formed a Project Management Team to begin development of the Fisher River IWMP. The team consisted of representatives from:
    • EIWD
    • MB Conservation and Water Stewardship
    • Peguis Fisher Nation
    • Fisher River Cree Nation
    • The RM of Fisher
    • Dallas Red-Rose
  • Compilation of a watershed characterization report
  • Revision of actions based on expert opinion
  • Plan completed (2015)
  • Plan approved by the Minister of Water Stewardship

To view additional reports on the Fisher River Watershed please click on the links below:
"This watershed is extremely diverse and an important part of Manitoba's Interlake region. Residents, government, and organizations each have a role to play to maintain and imptove the health of this watershed for generations to come. By working in partnership with all levels of government, stakeholders, and residents to create an action-oriented plan, we can ensure a healthy and sustainable ecosystem that serves everyone. This is something I feel we all need to work towards."
- Armand Belanger, Manager EIWD