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IWMP - 05SB Willow Creek


The Willow Creek (05SB) IWMP was initiated in 2009 and a final version of the plan is available HERE.

The IWMP Process:
  • Public consultations held in July and August 2009
  • Watershed stakeholder input received from:
    • NGOs
    • Government
  • Watershed tour and discussion of issues identified by public held on October 27th, 2009 (invite only)
  • Release of public issue statements
  • Development of actions and address concerns raised by public
  • Review of action plan by a team of approximately 20 experts in their fields
  • Compilation of a watershed characterization report
  • Revision of actions based on expert opinion
  • Plan completed (2012)
  • Plan approved by the Minister of Water Stewardship


Information about the watershed is available in a Watershed Characterization document which can be downloaded HERE