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Research & Monitoring - Surface water quality - Waterway Sampling

Waterway Sampling

The EIWD has been been monitoring the surface water quality in nine different waterways since 2007 with the financial and technical assistance of Manitoba Water Stewardship and the Water Stewardship Fund. The EIWD tests the following waterways quarterly:

  1. Fisher River
  2. Fish Lake Drain
  3. Grassmere Creek
  4. Icelandic River
  5. Netley Creek
  6. Parks Creek
  7. Washow Creek
  8. Wavey Creek
  9. Willow Creek

From the data we have gathered, the EIWD has been able to compile a relative health rating for our streams based on the Water Quality Index (WQI). The WQI analyzes the health of our waterways from 22 water quality parameters to summarize the general health of our watersheds. This index can be used to reflect the overall and ongoing condition of the water, however, the index may not show the effect of random and transient events (such as spills).

View our detailed "Water Quality 13 Year Report"

*Willow Creek was not sampled in 2007

Note: The WQI only reflects the relative health of waterways within the EIWD and may not be directly comparable to other indices. 

The average WQI rating has been calculated for each waterway over the years (see graph above). WQI rating can be divided into the following categories:
  • Excellent (95-100)
    • water quality is protected with a virtual absence of threat or impairment
    • conditions very close to natural or pristine levels.
  • Good (80-94)
    • water quality is protected with only a minor degree of threat of impairment
    • conditions rarely depart from natural or desirable levels.
  • Fair (65-79)
    • water quality is usually protected but occasionally threatened or impaired
    • conditions sometimes depart from natural or desirable levels.
  • Marginal (45-64)
    • water quality is frequently threatened or impaired
    • conditions often depart from natural or desirable levels.
  • Poor (0-44)
    • water quality is almost always threatened or impaired
    • conditions usually depart from natural or desirable levels
Note: The above rating system is taken from the Canadian Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic Life. For more information on the WQI please click HERE.

Please contact us if you would like access the raw water quality data.