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The East Interlake Watershed District (EIWD) is an organization of neighbouring municipalities, towns, and villages working together as a watershed community with the Province of Manitoba to promote the sustainable use and management of land and water resources within the East Interlake region of Manitoba.
Watershed districts are organized based on watershed boundaries. A watershed is simply the land that water flows across or through on its way to a common stream, river, or lake. A watershed can be very large (e.g. the Lake Winnipeg watershed drains 953 250 km2), or very small, such as a 20-acre watershed that drains to a pond. A small watershed that nests inside of a larger watershed is sometimes referred to as a subwatershed or subbasin.
The EIWD contains four subwatersheds of the Lake Winnipeg watershed; two which flow into the Red River, and two which flow into the south basin of Lake Winnipeg. These subwatersheds also delineate the boundaries of EIWD subdistricts. Each EIWD subdistrict maintains a board of representatives who make decisions about the land and water resources within their watershed.